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Omnia Cloud Mining

At OMNIA cryptocurrency meets mining and an exceptional business opportunity.

As a proud partner of Genesis Mining, the world’s largest Bitcoin Cloud Mining provider, OMNIA offers real Lifetime Mining for all Mining packages.

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Once the payment is received OMNIA starts to cry the mine the cryptocurrency of your choice. In addition, you can start to build your team immediately and sign up your downline in your binary tree.

Mining Packages

OMNIA Mining packages all include genuine Lifetime Mining, an all-round carefree package. Just choose between Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Dash or Zcash. In case of non-profitability Omnia changes the Coin free of charge.

Compensation Plan

Whether through the Mining, additionally through direct recommendations and / or by participating in the lucrative Multi-Level Marketing Plan. The possibilities to generate revenues are manifold at OMNIA.

“OMNIA is authentic and stands out with its transparency in the industry. That is why the business is spreading like a wildfire.”

Monir Islam

Network Marketing Millionaire, GB

“I am grateful to have found an opportunity which combines Network Marketing with real cryptocurrency mining mining.”

Moyn Islam

Network Markting Millionaire, GB

“OMNIA is growing fast and also developing fast. With such a profitable product it´s definetly no miracle!”

Shahab Ghafouri

Business & Network Marketing Coach, DE

“With OMNIA Lifetime Mining, it is a much more lucrative way to get cryptocurrencies than you buy them on the stock market.”

Eduard Schwarz

Networker & Lyfestyle Coach, DE



OMNIA Lifetime Mining

With other mining companies you often get a contract with an open end. Once the mining is no longer profitable the contract will be terminated. On the other hand if the mining process becomes unprofitable with OMNIA your contract will be converted to another altcoin free of charge. This is made possible by the unique OMNIA mining strategy, where half of your Hash Power is reinvested every 500 days. OMNIA provides a solution to a problem that many users have not been able to overcome in the past. Namely convert an unprofitable plan. With the OMNIA Lifetime Mining strategy, the customer’s investment remains secure in the short or long term.

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